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  • Dominion Template Release Jan10
    Dominion, the January 2010 template release from RocketTheme.
  • 6 Preset Styles - 18 Combinations
    6 stunning preset styles, in a mix of light and dark, each with 3 visual intensity levels.
  • RTL Support
    RTL support from module structure, to the Fusion menu to the template elements.
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Menu Item Control

Control the Gantry parameters on a per menu item basis.

Almost all parameters can be controlled in this way, such as features and layout.

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Custom Presets

Create custom presets via the administrative interface.

Simply select your settings for your preset, then hit the Save Custom Presets button.

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Structural RTL Support

Allows for the inversion of the Gantry modular grid system.

Automatic flipping if RTL language mode is detected in Joomla!

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Definition of Gantry

gan·try (gan′trē) noun

  1. (RocketTheme) A framework used for assembling, building and maintaining a RocketTheme template

Overview of Gantry

Gantry is a sophisticated Joomla template framework with the sole intention of being the best platform to build a solid template with. Gantry takes all the lessons learned during the development of many RocketTheme templates and distills that knowledge into a single super-flexible framework that is easy to configure, simple to extend, and powerful enough to handle anything we want to throw at it.

Below is a list of the top features of the Dominion template:

1Advanced Menu: a CSS dropdown menu system, powered by Mootools, providing much speed and functionality.

260+ Positions: a staggering 60+ module positions, all residing within the Gantry grid system.

35 Module Variations: allows for site enhancement. These are: high, med, low, noicon and flush

4Content Typography: customised typography, such as list styles and span, are included.

5Integrated Extensions: many standalone RocketTheme extensions have custom Dominion styling.

66 Preset Styles: a stunning array of 6 beautiful style variants, half of which are dark and the other light.

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RTL Template Support

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Template side RTL support from the Fusion menu to the Typography.

This is in conjunction with Gantry version 2.0's RTL support for the automatic flipping of the grid system.

If Joomla is set to RTL mode, in its language settings, the Dominion template will automatically adjust to its RTL layout. The modules will invert inside a row, such as showcase-a and showcase-f being in alternate locations; the various template elements such as the breadcrumbs and typography will also flip; and also the menu will adjust accordingly (ensure you are using the latest version of RokNavMenu however).

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Stunning Style Variations

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Bundled with an array of six uniquely designed and beautiful style variations.

A selection of light and dark variations are available, 3 of each, which broadens the range of use of Dominion.

An important aspect of any Gantry driven RocketTheme template is the ability to change the level of the style variation, mainly the background and body levels. These come in combinations of High, Med, and Low; making Dominion suitable for both conservative and complex sites with just a flick of a switch.

Remember, you can combine different levels such as the high background level with the low body level if you wish. Although, it is best to keep the background and body settings to the same level


Advanced Menu System

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A multiplicity of menu options are available such as the mootools driven Fusion Menu.

Other menu options are available such as the versatile and reliable Splitmenu; and Suckerfish for Internet Explorer 6

All menu options are controlled inside the Gantry interface located at Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_dominion_j15 → Menu. Here you can specific which menu option you want such as Fusion Menu, and if applicable, various other options such as transition type.

You can also disable the menu in its entirety, or alternatively, you can change it to the module position navigation and published another module there if you so wish.


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